Transplace Tracking Portal

With the lack of end-to-end visibility, keeping yourself and your suppliers informed on the status of a shipment becomes a challenge. What if you and your customers could access a self-service portal to view all status updates for the life of a global shipment?

Transplace’s Tracking Portal is a track and trace solution designed to provide secure, end-to-end visibility and shipment and lane-level risk monitoring and analytics to help shippers proactively address potential disruptions to maintain smooth operations and high levels of customer service.

The Tracking Portal is accessible via Google Chrome, the Transplace TMS menu or the TMS Mobile application. You can also integrate Transplace’s Tracking Portal directly into your company’s website or ERP using APIs for customer service to quickly access the latest status updates.

Check out Transplace’s Tracking Portal today and sign up for text or email alerts to receive instant notification when a shipment reaches a milestone event. Connect with an expert today!