Sharing Fleet Capacity Webinar

Sharing Fleet Capacity: Shippers Turn to Collaboration in Lanehub to Find Capacity as Market Tightens

With truckload capacity harder to find in many markets, shippers are rapidly increasing their focus on Transplace’s collaboration technology, Lanehub, to find opportunities to leverage each other’s private and dedicated fleets, as well as partner with carriers for round trips. With a vast, unrivaled network of truckload freight and fleets, Lanehub quickly identifies synergies around the country so that capacity and service can be ensured and costs can be controlled. The technology matches shippers’ consistent, ongoing freight with empty miles in other shippers’ asset-based fleet operations to put long-term solutions in place rather than matching loads and trucks on the spot market.

FreightWaves has partnered with Transplace to bring you a one-hour webinar. Hear firsthand experience from Kimberly-Clark and Kellogg’s on how they are leveraging Transplace’s Lanehub technology to build synergistic, long-term partnerships that reduce costs and help ensure strong customer service.


  • Thomas Fraser, Pricing Manager, Kimberly-Clark
  • Mike Bernstein, Senior Manager, Transportation Capacity Solutions, Kellogg Company
  • Steve Barber, Senior Vice President, Platform, Transplace
  • Mark Hackl, Lanehub Managing Director at Transplace
  • Chandler Hall, Lanehub Vice President at Transplace