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Journal of Commerce: “U.S. Shippers Warned to Act as Truck Rate Hikes “Get Stronger””

May 14, 2018
Randy Cooper’s job used to be easier. When he joined Del Monte Foods as director of transportation and supply chain engineering in 2015, the US surface transportation market was just sliding into a two-year period of softer economic growth and enhanced shipper pricing power. “It was really easy to look great for the first two years,” Cooper said.“Everytime we went to bid it looked like we were saving money. Now it’s turned,” he told the Transplace Shipper Symposium here. The freight market has turned with a vengeance, according to executives at the logistics company’s annual shipper summit, held May 8 to 10.

Shippers are turning to carriers and logistics partners such as Transplace for answers.

If there was an overriding message to shippers at the Transplace event, it was do not expect external forces, such as market cycles, to return pricing power any time soon. Shippers need to find new routes toward more balanced transportation budgets that include helping reduce costs faced by motor carriers and driving more inefficiencies out of their own supply chains.

Indicators point to rates moving higher.

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