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Forbes: “Transportation Management And The Promise Of Machine Learning”

December 11, 2018

Transportation Management And The Promise Of Machine Learning

Transportation management systems have a proven ROI. Primarily, a TMS can save companies money by lowering their freight spend. An ARC Advisory Group strategic report on the ROI of TMS found that respondents indicated freight savings of approximately 8% with the use of a TMS application. But that does not mean that there is not room for improvement. ARC is excited about the promise of machine learning to allow a TMS to better handle competing objectives and discover nonobvious impacts on performance.

The primary reason companies buy a transportation management system is for freight savings. These freight savings can be attributed to simulation and network design, load consolidation and lower cost mode selections, and multi-stop route optimization.

But few companies would buy a TMS if it would lead to declining service levels. A transportation management system maintains the service levels by understanding the origin to destination lead times and using that as a constraint during the optimization run. There are also analytics associated with the system. For example, a shipper can analyze which carriers are too often late, and which lanes and destinations often receive late shipments. Consequently, it is not surprising that most companies using a TMS maintain or improve their service levels.

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