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Transplace Introduces On Time Delivery Benchmarking Report for Shippers

January 29, 2019

Logistics Services Provider Formally Launches Weekly On Time, In Full (OTIF) Performance Report to Help Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Suppliers Improve Compliance, Processes and Efficiency


January 29, 2019 (Dallas, TX) – Transplace, a leading provider of transportation management services and logistics technology solutions, today announced the formal release of its Weekly Supplier Performance Benchmarking Report to help shippers meet the delivery requirements set by major retailers. The report, which currently includes data gathered from 28 suppliers of major retailers, identifies delivery performance statistics such as late, early and in full shipment percentages, all anonymously compared to other shippers participating in the program.

Over the past few years, large retailers have implemented mandates for effectively delivering shipments in an effort to help improve delivery flow, cut inventory costs and ensure products are available at all times to meet customers’ growing demands and expectations. These programs have some rule variations, but typically penalize for early or late deliveries or the shipment not being filled as requested in the order – leaving non-compliant deliveries subject to fines.

“The Weekly Supplier Performance Benchmarking Report helps CPG companies better understand how their delivery performance compares to industry peers and allows them to use timely market data to drive improvement within their own supply chains,” said Mark McEntire, senior vice president of operations, Transplace. “Access to weekly market data around critical key metrics gives shippers the ability to address performance gaps in their delivery operations or records when supplying to large retailers. This data has proven to be valuable when companies meet with their retail customers or make strategic decisions regarding their supply chain operations. It has also allowed for increased collaboration with peers through the sharing of best practices.”

Transplace CEO Frank McGuigan added, “As retailers have encountered intensifying consumer demands for better product variety and greater availability at the lowest possible cost, they have put more stringent delivery requirements on their suppliers – enhancing pressure on supply chains. To meet these growing demands and help deliver high levels of service to their retail customers, companies must have the right strategies and processes in place that enable them to consistently maintain a smooth, efficient supply chain. Analyzing market trends, monitoring KPIs and providing in-depth industry insights allows Transplace to work collaboratively with shippers to improve their supply chains and their overall business.”

To receive a complimentary Weekly Supplier Performance Benchmarking Report, please visit: https://go.transplace.com/weekly-supplier-performance-report-form.

About Transplace
Transplace is the leading provider of transportation management services and logistics technology, helping manufacturers, retailers and distributors optimize supply chain operations and increase financial performance. Offering a complete suite of transportation management, strategic capacity, and cross-border & global trade services, Transplace’s customizable logistics solutions and best-in-class technology gives businesses greater control of their transportation operations and enhanced visibility of shipments and overall supply chain performance. With deep expertise in key vertical markets, including consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, retail and chemicals, Transplace works to strategically design and manage customer networks in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. As North America’s largest transportation management provider, Transplace leverages its entire network to solve large-scale, complex supply chain problems for its customers. From small-to-medium businesses to global brands, Transplace delivers the optimal blend of actionable business intelligence and operational excellence you need to manage your supply chain with certainty. Learn more at www.transplace.com.

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