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Talking Logistics: “Defining Next-Generation TMS and Users”

November 17, 2016

Defining Next-Generation TMS and Users

What are some of the factors that are driving the need for innovation in transportation management systems (TMS)? “It’s all about customer satisfaction,” said Mike Dieter, Chief Technology Officer at Transplace in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. “Making sure, for example, that a truckload of sugar gets to the factory on time…We have to satisfy our customers and they have to satisfy their customers, and a transportation management system (TMS) is at the heart of accomplishing that goal.”

The fact that many shippers today are leveraging more modes in their transportation operations, including parcel and ocean, is another contributing factor. So too is the ever-more-challenging need to have timely and accurate visibility to shipments, orders, and inventory, which is giving rise to “control tower” platforms and services. And of course, cost reduction and control is always a driving force.

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