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Talking Logistics: “Dedicated Fleet: A Growing Piece of the Transportation Puzzle”

February 27, 2017

Dedicated Fleet: A Growing Piece of the Transportation Puzzle

In a guest commentary we published back in July 2013 titled “Dedicated Fleet and Common Carrier Network: A Match Made in Heaven?,” Scott Nemeth writes:

“Say you’ve always used a for-hire common carrier to deliver goods and materials. Or, maybe you prefer to use your own private fleet. Or you only use a dedicated fleet from a trusted partner. In today’s complex and volatile business environment, that strategy may no longer work.”

“Today, keeping the wheels of business turning may call for an “all-of-the-above” strategy that taps into every available resource.”

A month earlier, in a post titled “What is the Future of Truckload Transportation?,” I highlighted how leading carriers like JB Hunt and Swift Transportation were prioritizing intermodal, dedicated, and brokerage services over generic truckload services. I summed up the state of the market then as follows:

“If you think of transportation as a big puzzle and the different modes as pieces of that puzzle, then what’s happening is that the shape of the trucking piece is changing, and where shippers and carriers are placing that piece is also changing.”

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