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Supply Chain opz: “Experts Unfold Top Supply Chain Technology to Watch”

January 25, 2016

Experts Unfold Top Supply Chain Technology to Watch

Business environment changes quickly. Then, executives need supply chain technology to stay ahead of the game. But what technologies we should pay attention to?

Companies continue to be faced with the challenge of reducing operation costs within a rapidly changing supply chain. In order to develop cost saving strategies, you must know where you stand today and have the technologies in place to quickly and effectively make those changes. This requires that shippers have complete visibility of their entire supply chain operations by utilizing transportation management systems and business intelligence capabilities to drive financial and operational improvement. The sheer amount of data surrounding the supply chain make business intelligence (BI) tools a necessity for interpreting the endless array of information which can be complex and help establish a baseline and improvement targets. Another tool that assists in breaking down data into actionable information is executive dashboard reporting which helps key management to get an overview of operations and drill down to quickly see and react to changes or concerns in a timely, proactive manner.
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