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Predictive Analytics Today: “Top 19 Transportation Management Software”

July 1, 2017
Top 19 Transportation Management SoftwareTransportation management software manages four key processes of transportation management including Planning and decision making, Transportation Execution, Transport follow-up and Measurement. TMS will define the most efficient transport schemes according to given parameters, which have lower or higher importance according to the user policy: transport cost, shorter lead-time, fewer stops possible to ensure quality, flows regrouping coefficient. TMS will also allow for the execution of the transportation plan such as carrier rate acceptance, carrier dispatching, EDI. TMS will allow following any physical or administrative operation regarding transportation: traceability of transport event by event, editing of reception, custom clearance, invoicing and booking documents, sending of transport alerts such as delay, accident, non-forecast stop. TMS have or need to have a logistics key performance indicator (KPI) reporting function for transport.

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