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Overdrive: “Next steps for CSA — scores behind the curtain or not?”

July 6, 2017

Next steps for CSA – scores behind the curtain or not?

Steven Bryan of Vigillo has long been engaged with efforts around improvement of the CSA Safety Measurement System to be a better tool for all involved. His data-mining company made its name early in the CSA era providing carriers with a window into their SMS percentile rankings/scores prior to the CSA SMS‘ official release. He was also one of the many parties on whom the National Academies of Science called to present on various aspects of the SMS during its evaluation of it.

I talked to Bryan a bit recently about just what he sees as likely to happen in the wake of the National Academies’ report on the SMS, which he in part summarized with his own analysis in this blog post on the Vigillo website last week. The NAS recommendations were to revamp the statistical model underpinning SMS with an “item response theory” (IRT) approach, which Bryan describes as one that would make the relevant adjustments in carrier scores to account for confounding factors like state enforcement departments’ known violation biases/predilections and the like.

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