Logistics Management: “New Transplace report provides key delivery data for retail shippers”

January 30, 2019

New Transplace report provides key delivery data for retail shippers

With an eye on helping shippers meet delivery requirements set forth by retailers, non asset-based third-party logistics services provider Transplace said this week it has rolled out a new offering, entitled the “Weekly Supplier Performance Benchmarking Report.”

Company officials said that this report is comprised of data culled from 28 suppliers of major retailers, and identifies delivery performance statistics, including late, early, and in-full shipment percentages, adding that this data is anonymous for shippers in the program.

A main driver for this type of offering, according to Transplace, comes from efforts made by large retailers, in recent years, to implement mandates focused on effectively delivering shipments to augment the delivery flow, reduce inventory costs, and ensure products are always available in order to meet the heightened needs and demands of their customers. And while the conditions of retailer programs vary, one common theme cited by Transplace is that they usually penalize customers for early or late deliveries, as well as the shipment not being filled in the requested order and leave non-compliant deliveries subject to fines.

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