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Logistics Tech Outlook: “The Transportation Management System of Tomorrow is Here Today”

November 14, 2016

The Transportation Management System of Tomorrow is Here Today

Transportation Managements Systems (TMS) have always been about managing customer shipments at the lowest cost. But as supply chains have become more global, multimodal and complex, this goal has become increasingly more difficult. Yet as the supply chain has evolved, so has TMS technology.

Where tracking a shipment in real-time was once the next frontier of supply chain management, today’s TMS allow organizations to combine data from multiple sources and apply it to deliver  a real, sustainable impact on their logistics and supply chain operations. Further, gathering data and monitoring shipments is only the beginning. Some systems can even help predict the future and alert shippers of potential disruptions and allow them to proactively take steps to address those disruptions in order to maintain smooth operations and high levels of customer service.


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