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Logistics Management: “Lessons Learned from Last Winter Won’t Go Out of Style”

January 12, 2015

Logistics Management: Lessons Learned from Last Winter Won’t Go Out of Style

A Reuters report issued last week noted that the U.S. transportation and shipping network faced its “first big test of the winter” last week, which saw very cold and low wind chill-based conditions throughout muck of the country, with Midwest temperatures were sub-zero but feeling more like 20-to-40 below, due to the wind.

A major theme a year ago at this time was the harsh winter weather, which served as the backdrop for what may be remembered as the most arduous winter most of us have ever dealt with.

Living in Maine, I can personally attest to just how bad things were, what with shoveling my driveway and back deck on what felt like a near daily basis, coupled with venturing out in my car only when absolutely necessary for things like food shopping and other things considered a must-do.

In fact, right now at this very moment, guess what? It is snowing pretty hard, with it only picking up as the morning has moved along.

Last winter, which bore the brunt of a seemingly never-ending Polar Vortex, which is a “large pocket of very cold air, typically the coldest air in the Northern Hemisphere, which sits over the polar region during the winter season” as per Accuweather, did not discriminate, especially when it came to its cumulative impact on the freight transportation and logistics sectors.

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