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Journal of Commerce: “US-Mexico transport cost to rise on fuel price hikes”

January 13, 2017

US-Mexico transport cost to rise on fuel price hikes

The cost of cross-border shipping between the US and Mexico is set to rise as Mexican trucking operators react to a 13 to 20 percent increase in fuel costs imposed this week.

New fuel prices set by Mexico’s federal government Jan. 1 sparked massive protests and blockades that shut down highways and even temporarily affected the Port of Veracruz.

The protests led to at least four deaths, hundreds of arrests and the looting of hundreds of gas stations and stores across Mexico this week, and they continued Friday.

Freight is flowing across the US-Mexico border with only intermittent interruptions, said Ben Enriquez, senior vice president of transportation services Mexico at logistics provider Transplace. The El Paso-Juarez bridge was blocked for a short time this week, he said. “That affected multiple customers that have business in Chihuahua state or across the border from Juarez in the US,” he said.

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