When Martin Rothe joined Progressive Converting (Pro-Con) three years ago as vice president of supply chain, the company managed 15,000-plus annual shipments using spreadsheets and email. “It was clear we needed to implement a transportation management system (TMS) or we’d lose control,” he says.

Pro-Con, based in Appleton, Wis., converts paper stock to the rolls and sheets commercial printers require. It also delivers paper to printers, many of whom expect next- or second-day delivery. “That part of the business has continued to grow more demanding over the past 15 years,” Rothe says.

Rothe researched about 40 TMS solutions with several goals in mind. “We didn’t want to give away control of our supply chain,” he says. Instead, he wanted a way to better manage the transportation activity in-house, given how critical it is to Pro-Con’s customers.