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Inbound Logistics: “G75: Inbound Logistics’ 75 Green Supply Chain Partners”

June 1, 2015

G75: Inbound Logistics’ 75 Green Supply Chain Partners

If you want your carbon footprint to be as small as possible, and your business to be sustainable, then make sure you are doing business with supply chain partners who feel the same way. Inbound Logistics’ annual 75 Green Supply Chain Partners (G75) focuses on showcasing companies that demonstrate green best practices in their supply chain, logistics, and transportation operations. IL editors examined corporate sustainability initiatives, collaborative customer-driven projects, and participation in public-private partnerships, then ultimately chose the G75 based on four benchmarks: Measurable green results, sustainability innovation, continuous improvement, and industry recognition. The following alphabetical list recognizes the achievments of companies at the head of the pack, who demonstrate their commitment to the environment and the global community, year after year.

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