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Logistics Management: “Improving 3PL Management: Glanbia Adds Muscle to Logistics”

August 30, 2017

Improving 3PL Management: Glanbia Adds Muscle to Logistics

Glanbia Performance Nutrition (GPN), a $1.1 billion company based in Dublin, Ireland, bills itself as the No. 1 global performance nutrition brand in the world with products designed for the fast-growing fitness market. Looking to trim some of its own fat, GPN’s U.S. subsidiary put itself on a logistics fitness regimen three years ago—one that’s helped it reduce costs, transit times and claims while increasing efficiency through a unique collaborative relationship with its third-party logistics provider.

As a vital part of this regimen, Glanbia outsourced its freight management to third-party logistics provider (3PL) Transplace back in May 2014 in order to develop innovative ways to reduce its transportation cost and improve overall service.

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