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Heavy Duty Trucking: “3PLs Today and Tomorrow”

January 1, 2015

3PLs Today and Tomorrow

Third party logistics is a relatively new segment of the transportation industry, and 3PLs play an important role in goods movement. Outsourcing their transportation management functions to 3PLs gives shippers more flexibility to meet their shipping needs and access to the latest transportation management technologies.

As the industry has matured, 3PLs have begun to offer more than just transportation outsourcing.

“Our role ranges,” says Frank McGuigan, president of transportation management at Transplace, a 3PL headquartered in Dallas. He explains that 3PLs not only handle transportation management outsourcing for shippers, but many also offer technology, supply-chain consulting, brokerage and other services to shippers. “I don’t see that role changing in the future,” he adds. “Shippers are reporting very good outcomes with 3PLs.”

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