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Fronetics Strategic Advisors: “Logistics Companies Leverage Social Media for Growth”

November 11, 2015

Logistics Companies Leverage Social Media for Growth

The logistics and supply chain industries have been slow to join the social media bandwagon, many citing time and budget constraints as prohibiting factors. Small businesses, in particular, may find it difficult to allocate very limited resources to this task. The marketing team—or, the marketing person, as the case may be—is stretched enough as it is trying to stand out among the competition, particularly the larger companies with seemingly unlimited budgets.

It’s time small businesses stop trying to keep up with the large competitors, said Rhett Rowe, president of small-business lender Capital for Merchants, in a recent interview with Forbes. “Small companies don’t have that kind of money, time, or stamina,” he explains. “Instead, they should focus on expanding brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and building a community of loyal followers.” That’s where social media comes in.

Social media is an ideal marketing platform for small businesses because it can be relatively inexpensive but have a high impact on growth. With a targeted strategy in place and a little time, your company can cultivate your brand, engage with customers, and form business relationships. And because small companies can be nimble, you can continually adjust your strategy to ensure the return on investment keeps paying off.

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