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Forbes: “Respecting Employees Helps Transplace Satisfy And Retain Customers”

March 24, 2016

Respecting Employees Helps Transplace Satisfy And Retain Customers

The Logistics Services Provider (LSP) is notorious for its high employee turnover. Does this matter? Transplace – a provider of managed transportation, intermodal and truck brokerage services, as well as SaaS transportation management software – believes that it does.

In analyst briefings what ARC typically hears company’s boast about certain success stories, technology and service roadmaps, and other areas of company differentiation. In briefing us, Transplace covered those topics, but what struck me about their presentation is how much of the discussion focused on their mission in general, and their efforts as a company to respect and develop their employees in particular. I have occasionally heard suppliers talk about mission, I have rarely heard employee satisfaction discussed, and I have never heard employee satisfaction discussed in such detail.

But Transplace believes that employee satisfaction and engagement is critical to customer satisfaction and retention. Savvy prospects realize this too; consequently, not infrequently Transplace brings in Adrianne Court, their Chief Human Resources Officer, to share Transplace’s approach to talent engagement and development and how this directly results in achieving success with its customers – a clear competitive differentiation.

All of this is praiseworthy, I said, but what proof is there that these efforts are paying off? At that point in the briefing the Transplace executives offered to arrange a conversation with Ms. Court; an opportunity I was glad to accept.

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