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Fleet Owner: “FMCSA Backs Drivers with Coercion Rule”

November 27, 2015

FMCSA Backs Drivers with Coercion Rule

A new rule to protect drivers from being compelled to violate federal safety regulations was published Nov. 30 in the Federal Register.

Known as the “driver coercion” rule, it provides FMCSA with the authority to go after not only carriers, but also shippers, receivers, and transportation intermediaries.

“This Rule enables us to take enforcement action against anyone in the transportation chain who knowingly and recklessly jeopardizes the safety of the driver and of the motoring public,” said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

The final rule, to take effect 60 days following its publication, addresses three key areas: procedures for commercial truck and bus drivers to report incidents of coercion to the FMCSA, steps the agency could take when responding to such allegations, and penalties that may be imposed on entities found to have coerced drivers.


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