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CIO Review: “Your Next Transportation Management System: TMS 2.0”

August 10, 2016

Your Next Transportation Management System: TMS 2.0

 The supply chain never sleeps. At all hours of the day and night, shipments are moving, data is being produced and exchanged and external factors that can impact your operations can arise. However, today’s advanced technology systems now give you the visibility and capabilities necessary to control your supply chain more effectively than ever before. What if you wake up one morning to find out that there is a blizzard in the northeast, and you have 100 time-sensitive shipments heading into Boston that day? What do you do? For organizations with a traditional or out-of-date transportation management system (TMS), your ability to respond is limited. Fortunately, the days of TMS that only allow you to create a shipment and track it are gone.

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