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Transplace Transportation Management System (TMS)

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Today’s complex, dynamic supply chains require greater levels of visibility, predictability and control. Transplace’s customizable logistics solutions and leading-edge Transportation Management System (TMS) gives organizations greater control of their transportation operations, as well as enhanced visibility of shipments and overall supply chain performance. The comprehensive cloud-based solution is built for freight management by freight managers and is available as a SaaS product or as part of a managed transportation solution.

The Transplace TMS can quickly and efficiently look at carrier sites, get rate quotes, track shipments and gather status information, to speed up the order lifecycle and ultimately the entire supply chain and allow your organization to better meet customer needs. To help shippers mitigate disruptions, the Transplace TMS provides true visibility to those shipments most at risk of service delays with data delivered from freight visibility solutions, carrier check calls and predictive analytics to proactively make decisions and adjustments to optimize shipping performance and reduce losses.

If logistics and transportation management is a core competency but technology is lagging in a shipper’s organization, the SaaS model is a good fit with access to the most recent TMS technology without making a significant IT investment. If logistics and transportation management, human capital, and technology are lacking at a shipper’s organization, explore an outsourced managed transportation solution to drive sustainable benefits such as enhanced network visibility and new opportunities for savings with network collaboration.

Transplace continues to invest in technology to achieve greater supply chain predictability and optimize operational planning and performance to further integrate shipment and lane-level risk monitoring and analytics into our logistics solutions.