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Static Continuous Moves

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Static Continuous Moves is a cloud-based platform and community that encourages shipper-carrier collaboration by automatically identifying and connecting companies with complementary freight lanes to save on shipping expenses. The transportation community provides its members with opportunities to collaboratively source reliable, contracted capacity on recurring, consistent lanes at a sustainable lower cost from carriers and private/dedicated fleets by matching headhauls and backhauls. Most shippers source truckload capacity or deploy fleets by looking only at their own network without considering the impact other shippers’ networks have on the service and capacity available to them, resulting in poor asset utilization and higher costs. One way to address this problem is through collaborative shipping where multiple shippers and carriers work together to create more efficient and cost effective operations. Thanks to advancements in technology and other factors, collaborative shipping is gaining momentum today. The idea is not new – the key to solving it is being very well connected with shippers and carriers and having a deep understanding of what is needed to collaborate. What sets us apart is our intense focus on a single goal – Develop a solution that makes collaboration simple, provides total transparency and creates the density to generate significant syner gies for both shippers and carriers.