Real-time Visibility FAQ

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Why did Transplace decide to make real-time visibility a standard capability?

Transplace wanted to deliver an unprecedented level of service and value-add to our shipper customers; we believe real-time visibility should be a standard capability. By making this offering a fundamental part of transportation management, Transplace is leveraging Descartes MacroPoint™ as its prime real-time visibility partner by providing an enterprise level real-time control tower within reach for all sizes and scale of customers. This helps make real-time control tower visibility a non-starter and a key differentiator for all of the shippers in our network.

When will the solution be available?

Transplace will first roll out the solution for truckload (TL) shipments in the U.S. and Canada by January 2020 and will expand the offering to Mexico and other geographies, as well as other modes in the future as part of Transplace’s