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Dedicated Capacity Services

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Transplace dedicated fleet services gives you the ideal blend of service, cost and capacity to optimize your freight and create real value for your business. By assuming all fleet management responsibilities, we provide seamless transition, keeping your freight running safely, securely and right on time.

Transplace dedicated fleet specialists can provide industry focused equipment, networks and pricing. Some of the available equipment includes lightweight tractors and trailers that are able to maximize payload in industries such as water, beverage and some CPG companies and heavier-duty trailers that can accommodate heavier products, such as large-diameter paper rolls. With flexible pricing offerings, fleet operators can design pricing programs with options to best fit a shipper’s profile and include efficiency incentives tied to well-defined fleet operating KPIs.

In addition to standard dedicated fleet services, Transplace provides pop-up capacity to handle surges for peak seasons, holidays, promotions, month end/quarter end pushes, production changes, and more. With collaboration from the customer and Transplace dedicated fleet specialists, you can expect a seamless flow of freight and bump up capacity taking seasonal peaks and promotional surges in stride — so you’re prepared to take advantage of whatever opportunities come your way.