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Control Tower TMS

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Companies today are facing significant transportation challenges — tight capacity, rising rates and more demanding delivery expectations from customers. Navigating through these challenges requires timely and accurate visibility to what’s happening in your transportation operations. Transplace’s Control Tower is an innovative visibility, communication and reporting tool that drives logistics performance excellence. The tool delivers real-time data on the status of shipments, including metrics that report risk and tracking including:

  • Weather risk
  • Temperature of temperature-sensitive loads
  • Health risks, such as COVID-19
  • Check call updates
  • Comments

Control Tower is offered as part of Managed Transportation, SaaS TMS and as a standalone for those shippers that have a legacy TMS in place. With this leading-edge technology, shippers can proactively track shipments and manage exception issues based on the data that is delivered from freight visibility solutions, carrier check calls and predictive analytics with relevant information from the web. The tool also facilitates seamless communication and collaboration with internal and external team members to help optimize route plans and ensure on-time delivery of shipments.