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About Tosca

Tosca is a leading provider of reusable packaging and supply chain solutions across a diverse range of markets including eggs, poultry, produce, case-ready meat, and cheese. Operating 14 state-of-the-art wash sites around the country, Tosca collaborates with growers, suppliers, and retailers to deliver the best flow of perishables through the supply chain, eliminating waste at every turn.


The continual process of delivering and collecting reusable containers generate a high volume of inbound and outbound shipments from Tosca’s facilities and customer locations throughout North America. This spurred the company to find new, innovative ways to drive efficiencies within its transportation network, reduce supply chain costs and better serve its customers.


Using Transplace’s Dynamic Continuous Moves solution, which leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to instantly identify millions of load pairing possibilities within Transplace’s entire network, Tosca was able to drive efficiencies within its transportation operations, reduce supply chain costs by 10%, and better serve its customers.

Tosca is an adopter of Transplace’s Dynamic Continuous Moves solution. Using AI and machine learning, Transplace is able to look across its entire network and instantly identify millions of pairing possibilities. Those pairings are then narrowed down based on key parameters, including rate, equipment type, number of empty miles, and other service and equipment requirements.

Transplace provides KPIs around the pairings so Tosca can quickly and easily evaluate and compare how the moves will be executed, which carrier would be used, and the cost savings for each load. Transplace and Tosca collaboratively review the data to select the optimal pairing that will deliver the desired cost savings and shortest turnaround, while at the same time maintaining high customer service levels and delivering value to the carrier.

The speed and automation provided through AI and Transplace’s TMS allows Transplace to examine its entire network to identify potential load pairings multiple times each day – pairings that are within 48 to 72 hours from earliest pick up time. Transplace is also able to work collaboratively with carriers to identify gaps within their network and fill those gaps with Tosca’s freight. This helps keep truck capacity inside the Transplace network, even as equipment moves throughout the country, allowing Transplace to provide Tosca with the capacity it needs at competitive rates.

Access to real-time data within the Transplace TMS allows Tosca to easily get status updates on each shipment, along with key details around the carrier, the cost avoidance achieved as a result of tending as a continuous move, and more.