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For more than 10 years, Huhtamaki has recognized the value of Transplace’s advanced Transportation Management System (TMS) to increase efficiencies while heightening performance across the supply chain. Huhtamaki invests in continuous improvement programs and breakthrough innovations, including artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automate tasks and optimize logistics strategies. Huhtamaki
is an early adopter of Transplace Network Services, which offers expanded capacity and logistics cost management through multi-shipper collaborations.


With a highly complex and often fluid transportation schedule, Huhtamaki requires real-time network visibility to avoid disruptions in logistics plans. Huhtamaki is expanding its use of machine learning for predictive analytics to minimize risks and identify new opportunities to save time and resources.
Sustainability is a top priority, including enhancements to supply chain efficiencies, elimination of wasted miles, and reduction of carbon emissions. As a member of Transplace’s Customer Advisory Board, Huhtamaki gains insights and best practices from other leaders in the CPG, foodservice, and retail industries.


Transplace Network Services offers dynamic and planned continuous moves, collaborative dedicated fleets, TransMATCH for optimization of under-utilized capacity, and LTL pools across North America.
Shipper-carrier collaborations available through Transplace Network Solutions include:

DYNAMIC CONTINUOUS MOVES, a trained Machine Learning Model that identifies dynamic continuous moves within the next 48-72 hours with an average reduction in transportation costs of $140 per load.

PLANNED CONTINUOUS MOVES, a cloud-based platform and community that encourages shipper-carrier collaboration by automatically identifying and connecting companies with complementary freight lanes to save on shipping expenses.

DEDICATED FLEET, a collaborative dedicated fleet operating with strategic carrier partners with multiple equipment types for sustainable and pop-up capacity across North America.

TRANSMATCH combines multiple shippers with less than truckload (LTL) and/or partial truckload (TL) freight to create multi-stop TL shipments, resulting in optimization for under-utilized capacity.

LTL POOLS combines multiple LTL and/or partial TL freight bound for the same region to deliver to a single-source pool point for cross-docking.


Transplace Network Services (TNS) provides access into the vast resources within Transplace’s ~$15 billion freight network, helping customers to lower transportation costs, expand fleet capacity, enhance supply chain efficiencies, and reduce their carbon footprint.

FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Since Huhtamaki began using TNS in 2019, the company has saved 9% year-over-year through Dynamic Continuous Moves. Participating in the TransMATCH program, Huhtamaki captured 8% savings since 2019 with an average saving of $218 per shipment.

PROCESS AUTOMATION AND SHIPMENT PLANNING Leveraging AI for process automation eliminates waste and enhances predictability in the supply chain. Transplace’s technologies also allow Huhtamaki to elevate shipment planning. For example, LTL Pooling has reduced transit time by five days in First Quarter 2020.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND INNOVATIONS Huhtamaki has enjoyed a collaborative partnership with Transplace, driving innovations and continuous improvement strategies. By monitoring key performance metrics daily, they are raising the bar on carrier experience and the customer journey, as well as boosting transportation network efficiencies and cost savings year-over-year.