Del Monte Foods

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About Del Monte Foods

Del Monte Foods, Inc. is one of the country’s largest producers, distributors and marketers of premium quality, branded food products for the U.S. retail market.


As a leading producer and distributor of food products, Del Monte has a large number of shipments moving throughout its supply chain, resulting in a tremendous amount of data. Unfortunately, the previous reporting procedures mostly involved the manual updating of spreadsheets – resulting in a time consuming-process where it could take weeks to produce a desired report. The company ultimately recognized that it was time to automate their reporting process.


In order to improve its business intelligence, Del Monte worked with Transplace to automate its reporting process. Del Monte can now access all of its transportation data in real time, and quickly and easily produce up-to-date, customized reports. This has enabled Del Monte to make faster, data-driven business decisions and reduce transportation costs.

Having successfully partnered with Transplace to manage its North American transportation operations for more than a decade, Del Monte leaned on the logistics company to support its initiative to automate the reporting process and improve its business intelligence.

The first step involved collaboration with the Transplace Business Intelligence team during an initial design phase. This led to the creation of a new suite of automated reports and made the company’s complete data set available to them at any time. It also allowed them to quickly and easily create their own ad hoc reports and dashboards. Del Monte no longer had to submit requests to create reports, or have Transplace spend time pulling data and building reports.

According to Del Monte’s director of transportation, “Previously, if there was a request for a certain type of report that we didn’t already have built, it was a burden. Now it’s not an issue. I can go in and get what I need, or have scheduled reports published and sent to me, without any effort.”

The new suite of custom dashboards include on-time performance, tender acceptance, transportation spend versus budget, and more. This significantly improves the speed with which company decision makers can access critical supply chain information.

“Certain reports would arrive on certain days or weeks, so you would be on the edge of your seat waiting for them,” said Del Monte. “What carriers or lanes aren’t performing well? Why is volume in a certain lanehigher than expected? Now that’s all at our fingertips. We get answers that day, instead of waiting weeks, which significantly accelerates our decision making and speed to action.”

The ability to access data and customize reports is beneficial in helping Del Monte’s supply chain group communicate with company leadership, which has become increasingly important as rising freight costs make transportation a focus. Logistics personnel can now share critical data – both around Del Monte’s operations and market trends – when they need it.

Del Monte added, “In a transportation market that’s incredibly challenging, I’m constantly being asked for cost sheets and data to explain our transportation spend, and the overall market to company leadership. Now I can just push a button and get exactly what they need. Whether it’s for an upcoming budget meeting, or an executive calls me on the phone, I can immediately access up-to-date, accurate information and share valuable insight with others across the company.”


Partnering with Transplace to automate its reporting processes has led to significant operational improvements and cost savings, including:


  • GREATER SUPPLY CHAIN VISIBILITY Quick, easy access to real-time data has increased the visibility of Del Monte’s entire transportation network and enabled them to better measure key metrics, including performance, actual cost versus budget, and much more on a daily basis.
  • ACCELERATED, DATA-DRIVEN DECISION MAKING Automating the reporting process has dramatically improved the speed of receiving data and creating tailored reports – whether examining the company’s entire network or drilling down into specific lanes or KPIs. This enabled them to more quickly identify any issues and take action towards correcting them.
  • IMPROVED DATA AND C OST REPORTING FOR DEL MONTE’S SENIOR LEADERSHIP Being able to quickly access data and create customized reports has allowed Del Monte’s transportation personnel to more effectively share insights around the company’s performance and cost, along with industry trends and challenges, to senior leadership.
  • BETTER USE OF TIME AND RESOURCES Being able to produce reports on-demand without having to submit requests or explain what is needed has saved valuable time and resources (for both Del Monte and Transplace), ultimately allowing key personnel to focus on more critical, value-added activities.


  • REDUCED TRANSPORTATION COSTS By improving its business intelligence and more quickly addressing supply chain issues, Del Monte has been able to optimize its network and reduce overall transportation spend.


  • CONFIDENCE IN DAILY EXECUTION AND LONG-TERM STRATEGY Because of Transplace’s proven ability to manage Del Monte’s transportation operations, the two companies can focus on strategic, long-term initiatives knowing that the daily tactical activities will run smoothly.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT The ability for both Del Monte and Transplace to measure daily performance against its goal allows for the continuous improvement of Del Monte’s supply chain operations based on real-time data.