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About BASF

BASF is producer and marketer of chemicals and related products. The company serves nearly every sector with a broad Portfolio in five segments: Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Materials & Solutions, Agricultural Solutions and Oil & Gas.


BASF was looking for a new approach to managing its supply chain including four key areas:

  • Update its TMS system to improve functionality and flexibility.
  • Communicate information efficiently through to their SAP system.
  • Understand vendor KPIs and proactively use the data to improve overall services.
  • Establish standardized processes with clear roles and responsibilities to reduce supply chain complexity.


BASF expanded its relationship with Transplace to leverage the 3PL’s proprietary transportation management system (TMS). The solution offers BASF data analytics to drive operational decision making, streamline supply chain processes and planning and lower its overall business spend.

BASF already had an established, successful relationship with Transplace in place, as its managed service team was on-site to manage all inbound and outbound shipments in the U.S. and Canada; and it decided to expand the relationship. With the help of Transplace’s industry experience and solutions, BASF has improved its daily operational oversight and overall data reporting.

The robustness of Transplace’s TMS improves key areas of business, including: shipping consolidation and spot market procurement operations, monitoring shipments and the reporting and usage of business intelligence (BI) to improve processes. The Freight Allocation Module (FAM) feature of the TMS provides greater flexibility in establishing how the freight is presented to authorized carriers, and the amount of visibility carriers have into the progress of an auction. This automated approach streamlines the procurement and freight payment process, while securing capacity at market competitive rates.

The TMS’s track and trace capabilities and proactive notifications improve shipment monitoring, allowing companies to monitor shipments in real time and notify their customers of any carrier updates, changes or delays. The reporting and BI capabilities of the TMS provide in-depth specific KPIs and allow access to real-time dashboards and reporting that enables better performance tracking and transportation planning. In addition, the TMS technology succinctly communicates key information back to SAP.

With the implementation of a continuous improvement mindset, BASF and Transplace were able to establish roles and responsibilities within the operation to reduce supply chain waste and install an efficient and consistent process. This new approach also positions them to pilot and implement solutions to solve even more supply chain challenges. This includes programs such as developing a carrier integration database to enable carriers’ real-time capacity visibility and creating an automated machine learning platform to build and deploy accurate predictive models.

What’s next… continued partnership between BASF and Transplace

The partnership between Transplace and BASF has provided significant benefits and improvements to the company’s supply chain operations and overall business. This includes enhanced supply chain visibility, improved services and performance, as well as cost optimization.

The trusted relationship has created such significant value that BASF named Transplace its 2017 “Supplier of the Year for North America” from more than 12,000 of the company’s North American suppliers.

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