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Control Tower

Our user-friendly Control Tower provides complete, real-time visibility into shipments flowing through the Transplace TMS, empowering customers to quickly respond to logistics challenges with data-driven plans and make proactive decisions that optimize your supply chain and logistics.

The Control Tower enables you to track shipments, monitor key supply chain milestones and manage exception issues based on the granular insights delivered via our freight visibility solutions, carrier check calls, predictive analytics and other Transplace solutions.

It also serves as a robust collaboration platform where internal and external team members can seamlessly communicate in the Control Tower to ensure on-time shipment deliveries.


Watch Now to See a Day in the Life of a Shipper Using Control Tower

Data Sheet

360-Degree View of Your Entire Transportation Network at all Times

Case Study

Transplace Control Tower Gives Colgate-Palmolive Instant, Complete Supply Chain Visibility