Transplace TMS & Advanced Technology

Transplace TMS

As complexity, volatility, and risk escalate for the modern-day shipper, a sophisticated transportation management system (TMS) quickly becomes a necessity.

Transplace offers an award winning, multitenant TMS as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product or part of a managed transportation solution. The Transplace TMS offers a combination of power, scalability, integration and affordability, allowing shippers to rapidly deploy the platform to reduce transportation costs, improve service levels, automate processes, streamline execution, and lower operational risk.

The comprehensive, cloud-based TMS spans the core functionality of planning, execution, and settlement across all modes including truckload, less than truckload, and parcel with strong analytics, performance management, and optimization. At Transplace, we are leveraging decades of experience solving the toughest transportation and logistics problems from Fortune 500 companies to small-to-medium sized businesses.

Global Control Tower

Companies today are facing significant transportation challenges — fluctuating capacity, rising rates, more demanding delivery service time expectations from customers, and other disruptions such as weather or other issues.

Navigating through these challenges requires timely and accurate visibility to what’s happening in your transportation operations. Digitalization makes it possible for companies to holistically and repeatedly evaluate all relevant information, enabling them to iteratively optimize their supply chains and dynamically respond to disruptions with a balanced plan.

The Transplace Control Tower is a user-friendly, visibility portal that offers real-time end-to-end visibility of shipments flowing through the Transplace TMS. The Transplace Control Tower sits at the heart of the supply chain ecosystem, facilitating the sharing of information, as well as the automation of the response and optimization mechanisms. It is available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, part of a managed transportation solution, or as a standalone offering with Transplace Platform Services (TPS) Command Center.

Service Prediction

Service Prediction is a machine learning, decision support system integrated into the Transplace TMS that enables users to be more efficient and deliver a higher level of service and communication.

The system flags potential truckload shipment issues in a shipment cycle based on last known location, time to appointment, and distance to travel to next stop adjusted for all known weather and infrastructure risks. A user can visualize impacts by lane, market, or single plant or distribution center and instantly see the connection between threats and suppliers or downstream customers. While early recommendations may be manually implemented, dashboards evolve to allow the execution of recommended responses. This is reflective of a continuously advancing machine learning engine that increasingly recognizes disruptions and delivers the ability to calculate the likelihood or confidence of potential solutions to resolve or optimize the plan.

Real-time Visibility

For manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, supply chain disruptions have significant costs and consequences.

To avoid the increasingly expensive impact of late shipments, unreported delays, detention or other disruptions, shippers need higher levels of visibility.

Likewise, customers are demanding up-to-the-moment information on the status of their freight, including constant communication and in-transit updates about pending arrivals or delays. Real-time transportation visibility, paired with exception management and actionable analytics, enables shippers to react when there is a potential to significantly disrupt fulfillment or delivery operations.

Transplace provides real-time visibility as a standard feature for all of its managed transportation services and Transportation Management System (TMS) customers, without any extra transaction or integration fees by leveraging Descartes MacroPoint™ as its prime real-time visibility partner. An enterprise level real-time control tower is now within reach for shippers of all sizes and scale. Real-time visibility combined with predictive risk analytics capabilities enhances service predictions and enables Transplace and its customers to more proactively manage potential supply chain disruptions.

While visibility allows you to see information, a TMS is what enables you to unlock its power through analysis and action. By combining the data from real-time visibility platforms with other relevant information (order and shipment history, ERP, WMS, OMS and POS) and applying business intelligence and analytics, the Transplace TMS delivers deeper insight into what is happening across the transportation and distribution network. Because each shipper has its own technology setup – and there are hundreds of thousands of carriers out there – connecting and testing each one with any TMS solution can be an expensive, time-consuming barrier to gaining total shipment visibility. Our partner solves that problem by offering “one-to-many” connectivity, onboarding a variety of different carriers, as well as a variety of devices in the actual trucks.

Rapid Capacity Sourcing (FAM)

The Freight Allocation Module (FAM) is a flexible, parameter driven tool that allows each shipper to weigh carrier awards on cost, service, equipment, and more.

The tool is used to communicate with the carrier community on our customer’s available freight with only our customer’s contracted carriers, or it can be used to facilitate a customer-specific spot market for freight. Carriers may accept or decline shipments in a “private exchange” and FAM then determines the winning carrier through a ranking system based on parameters designed to meet the customer’s needs.

Optimize Prime

New customer locations, carrier and driver capacity restrictions, erratic fuel costs, hours of service changes, and shifting third-party transportation rates all impact the bottom line. When approaching network capacity, how should resources be aligned?

Transplace Optimize Prime is a comprehensive optimization engine that combines Transplace’s advanced logistics technology and strategic engineering services to analyze, design, and optimize transportation distribution network systems. Optimize Prime is part of Transplace’s TMS technology and incorporates a graphical interface that maps the product transportation flows and locations based on geographical attributes for tactical mode selection optimization in operational and strategic decision analysis settings.

Optimize Prime combines, consolidates, or divides selected loads based on minimum cost criteria and account specific business rules and constraints for the most complex networks to provide the most efficient use of transportation equipment based on available rates and load requirements. Operation team members can quickly accept, modify, or reject the system’s optimization recommendations within the Transplace TMS. Our customers use this application for mode selection based on cost comparison for truckload, LTL, intermodal, and parcel as well as load consolidation, optimal carrier assignment, continuous moves matching, and shipment routing.

Transplace Network Services

Transplace Network Services (TNS) delivers significant advancements in multi-shipper collaborations and improved capacity and logistics cost management through our leading-edge logistics technology platform.

TNS optimizes shipments, reduces transportation costs, minimizes deadhead and wasted miles, and improves transit time while reducing handling and claims. Shipper-carrier collaborations available through Transplace Network Solutions include Dynamic Continuous Moves, Dedicated Fleet Services, TransMATCH and LTL Pools.


  • Dynamic Continuous Moves is a trained Machine Learning Model that identifies dynamic continuous moves within the next 48-72 hours from earliest pick up date/time with an average reduction in transportation costs of $140 per load.
  • Planned Continuous Moves is a cloud-based platform and community that encourages shipper-carrier collaboration by automatically identifying and connecting companies with complementary freight lanes to save on shipping expenses. The transportation community provides its members with opportunities to collaboratively source reliable, contracted capacity on recurring, consistent lanes at a sustainable lower cost from carriers and private/dedicated fleets by matching headhauls and backhauls.
  • Dedicated Fleet Services is a collaborative dedicated fleet operating with strategic carrier partners with multiple equipment types for sustainable and pop-up capacity across North America.
  • TransMATCH combines multiple shippers large less than truckload (LTL) and/or partial truckload (TL) freight to create multi-stop TL shipments providing optimization for under-utilized capacity.
  • LTL Pools combine multiple LTL and/or partial TL freight bound for the same region to deliver to a single source pool point for cross-docking.

Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Data Science

Data serves little purpose without actionable intelligence and analysis and the Transplace Think Tank has been working to optimize reporting and create new, more efficient custom reports to truly innovate and go beyond the traditional way of thinking.

Transplace works with each client to determine the pivotal information necessary to truly optimize the end-to end supply chain within a meaningful timeframe, regardless of the multiple systems and processes in play. The Think Tank then helps customers put data together in an actionable way to make it more easily digestible and very easy to access, analyze, and put to work for their business.