Global Trade and Customs

Ocean & Air

Transplace delivers a best-in-class experience in intercontinental ocean and air freight, offering customers end-to-end visibility, reliable service, and customized, flexible, data-driven supply chain solutions. Shippers or Beneficial Cargo Owners with carriers and forwarders in your network will find value in Transplace’s comprehensive global trade capabilities by leveraging our global transportation management system (TMS) control tower platform driven by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics to make data-backed decisions, optimize global supply chain strategies, and mitigate logistics disruptions.

Our dedicated teams monitor shipments 24/7 to proactively deliver your ocean and air freight on time. With Transplace’s global control tower technology platform and data integrations, shippers benefit from real-time visibility of the life of the shipment and optimization capabilities for the best routing, pricing, and delivery timelines.

Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) Freight Forwarding

Transplace manages the entire international logistics process from negotiating directly with steamship lines for competitive pricing to facilitating a smooth transition through customs to ground transportation for origin to final delivery. At Transplace, we leverage customized solution design to provide our advanced logistics technology and services tailored to fit the unique needs of your global business ecosystem.

Transplace is a Non-Vessel Operation Common Carrier (NVOCC) and fully compliant with Federal Maritime Commission Requirements as a Bonded Ocean Transport Intermediary (OTI). Utilizing established relationships with a diverse carrier base, of air freighters, trucking companies, rail freighters, and ocean liners, Transplace negotiates the best possible price to move shippers’ goods along the most economical route by working out various bids and choosing the one that best balances speed, cost, and reliability. Transplace’s extensive knowledge of documentation requirements, regulations, transportation costs and banking practices alleviate the complexity in the importing and exporting process, deliver seamless shipping operations, and offer unrivaled, around the clock customer service.

Cross-border Logistics to and within Mexico and Canada

Knowing the security challenges, economic environment, and regulatory issues that lie ahead – and how to address them – is critical for shippers executing cross-border, intra-Mexico, and intra-Canada logistics. To make the complex process of cross-border shipping easier than ever, you will find value in working with one company for all your logistics needs—including ocean, air, customs brokerage and compliance, warehousing and distribution, and transportation.


Transplace offers a unique multi-modal logistics technology and services solution for shippers crossing the border into or managing freight within Canada. We leverage Transplace Network Services and market intelligence to deliver scalable capacity, gain operational efficiency, and mitigate disruptions and risks. Anchored by our advanced technology platform, shippers benefit from real-time visibility and dynamic freight optimization powered by AI and machine learning.

We tailor unique solutions to improve our customer’s financial performance through cost reduction and savings in transportation spend. Our experienced logistics professionals combined with innovative analysis tools provide a single point of contact and drive continuous improvement.


With experts and trusted transportation partners on both sides of the border, Transplace offers integrated, strategic multi-modal services including ground transportation, intermodal and rail solutions, warehousing and distribution, customs compliance including CTPAT certification, and cross-dock and transload services to safeguard operations from inbound/outbound capacity challenges and make cross-border shipping easier than ever.

Transplace simplifies global trade operations by combining the benefits of the Transplace network with our customs brokerage and trade compliance expertise, providing customers with a single, controlled logistics solution with access to all U.S. and Mexico ports of entry. Our focus on versatile processes, personalized customer service and legal compliance make us a leader in transportation management in North America.

Cross-border Customs Brokerage & Compliance

Transplace simplifies global trade operations by providing a single, controlled cross-border customs logistics solution with access to all U.S., Canada, and Mexico ports of entry.

Our focus on versatile processes, personalized customer service and legal compliance make us a leader in transportation management in North America and a dependable customs compliance partner. Our team of experienced consultants including highly specialized attorneys, customs brokers, and logistics experts analyze products and procedures to identify areas of risk and opportunities to restructure, design, and implement new strategies to meet global trade dynamic needs and generate tangible benefits and results for shippers of all sizes. Our Customs Portal delivers complete international trade control in a single platform to provide multi-modal compliance accuracy and data integrity for shipment supporting documentation.

Transload and Cross-dock Services

Transload and cross-dock services deliver speed to market and cost savings by consolidating products and shipping directly to the final customer, without incurring the costs and delays associated with storing product at a warehouse. With customized service based on the shipper’s specific needs, both transload and cross-dock services can include product customization, such as labeling and kitting, at the warehouse/cross-dock facility, cross-client collaboration for cost effective operation and product positioning anywhere in Mexico, Canada, the U.S. or overseas.