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Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Activities

Science, technology, engineering, and math, collectively known as STEM, are the subjects that will prepare you for the tech-oriented jobs of the future. A lot of different jobs rely on computers and other types of technology, and you’ll also find that math, science, and engineering turn up in a lot of different areas of life. Some kids can find these subjects tricky at first, but there are lots of different games and activities you can try to make learning about STEM topics easier and more fun.


Science is about exploring the world and learning how everything around you works. A lot of science experiments are hands-on activities that let you see how something works up close, like how clouds form or how different types of rocks are made. Science also teaches you about the scientific method, which is a series of steps that scientists follow to test out their ideas.


Technology is everywhere around us, from the car your mom or dad drives to the computer you use to do schoolwork. A lot of schools even require students to learn about things like coding and Web design, which let you use computer technology to create machines and share information. Knowing how technology works can help you to fix things when they don’t work, and it can also help you to be ready to get a good job someday.


Engineering used to just mean things like designing bridges or building cars, but now, there are a lot more challenges facing engineers. They might focus on figuring out ways to keep us and our property safe from wildfires or hurricanes, or they might work on ways that we can use cleaner energy sources like solar power. There are lots of different types of engineers, but they all work on finding solutions to problems in our lives.


Math is the foundation for the other three STEM subjects, and it’s also an important thing to understand no matter what you want to do when you grow up. Basic math can help you do things like plan a budget or save up money for a new car, and it can also help you figure out how to split up something between you and your friends equally. Things like geometry and algebra can also help you learn how to solve problems, both in class and in your real life.