Consumer Packaged Goods Logistics & Transportation Management

As one of the largest transportation management service providers in the consumer-packaged goods industry, Transplace has the industry expertise, proven technology, deep data insights, and supply chain management to help you overcome cost, visibility, and fragmented data concerns.

Industry Expertise

Our team of CPG logistics experts understand the rising demands of retailers and the continually changing transportation market. Our emphasis on real-time shipment visibility, on-time delivery, and collaborative optimization provide shippers with the control to manage costs, improve network efficiency, and outperform the competition.

Advanced Logistics Technology

Consumer demands and 24/7 e-commerce affects product selection and availability on wholesale and retail shelves. Your supply chain must be agile, leveraging centralized data warehouses and emerging technologies such as enhanced analytics and end-to-end, real-time supply chain visibility , to make faster and better business decisions.

Data Insights

Transplace utilizes the On-Time In-Full (OTIF) program to forecast and plan operations. By analyzing operations and feedback, we provide accurate, real-time, and predicted data so that shippers have a more comprehensive view of any threats to their OTIF commitment. Future-oriented, consumer-centric manufacturers and retailers rely on agile operations and available analytics to improve network efficiency.

By integrating Transplace’s TMS using the OTIF program, CPG shippers can:

  • See real-time network visibility of all shipments through the TMS
  • Access a record of reduced fees and improved rankings of other top suppliers in the system
  • Receive hyper-dedicated care 24/7/365
  • Access weekly supplier performance reports
  • Increase service levels across your supply chain

Find out how Transplace can help you deliver financial and operation efficiencies, and improve supply chain performance.

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