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Transplace is the largest transportation management provider to the chemical industry across North America. Our comprehensive logistics technology and experience in the chemical industry streamline operations and help our chemical customers realize greater visibility of the entire shipment lifecycle; optimizing and tracking shipments in real-time while providing status updates to customers. Electronic tendering capabilities provide a clear view of shipment tenders, and automated process for finding and assigning the lowest cost approved carrier which saves time while reducing freight costs.
We understand the strict requirements that regulate the chemical industry therefore we have built strong partnerships with providers that have extensive experience adhering to the handling requirements associated with HazMat including liquid and dry bulk tank truck shipments. At Transplace, we are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in our day to day engagements with our customers, carriers and communities.



▪ Transportation Management Services
▪ Automated Dock and Rack Scheduling
▪ Expedite Shipment Management
▪ Safety and Security Compliance
▪ Strategic Bulk Carrier Management

▪ Value Improvement Program (VIP)
▪ Modal Conversion Strategies
▪ Real-Time Shipment Visibility
▪ Proactive Business Intelligence
▪ Responsible Care® Partner
▪ Tanker Endorsement Compliance

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