Transplace Updates, Enhances TMS Freight Allocation Module 2.0

Transplace, a leading provider of transportation management services and logistics technology, today announced the release of Freight Allocation Module™ (FAM) 2.0, a web-based application that optimizes transportation by allowing shippers to auction freight with approved carrier partners. With its enhanced functionality, FAM 2.0 offers authorized carrier companies improved visual presentation of available freight along with spot rate quotations in real time.

 FAM 2.0 is an application in Transplace’s Transportation Management System (TMS) that gives carriers instant visibility to freight, allowing them real-time access and communication to bid on loads. It also allows users instant access to information on transportation services, minimizing miscommunication on routes and improving the efficiency and accuracy of service for shippers. All types of manufacturers and retailers – importers and exporters – benefit from the FAM 2.0 automation tool’s ability to capture capacity quickly, generating tangible savings in all areas of freight transport.

“Transplace’s Freight Allocation Module is an extremely useful tool that allows our customers to identify capacity with their preferred transportation partners and determining the lowest cost per load and per lane,” said George Abernathy, President, Transplace. “The enhanced functionality of FAM 2.0 allows even greater customization to better fit each shipper’s supply chain operations and enables them to direct more freight to a core group of carriers, contributing to cost savings.”

Highly customizable, FAM 2.0 provides greater flexibility in establishing how the freight is presented to authorized carriers, and the amount of visibility carriers have into the progress of the auction. Authorized carriers may offer capacity for each load based on rates already established or based on shipper-established parameters. FAM 2.0 can also support a public exchange environment to secure capacity and rates in a backhaul, capacity-constraint market.

“In a dynamic market, FAM 2.0 is an indispensable, on-demand tool for presenting freight to authorized carriers in order to secure capacity at the lowest price, based on established criteria,” said Transplace Vice President, IT and Chief Architect of FAM 2.0 Andrew Vishnyakov. “Whether the shipper is challenged with short lead time or is looking to reduce transportation costs, FAM 2.0 quickly and easily gives visibility to a large carrier network and gives the approved carriers an easy way to view and bid on freight.”


About Transplace 
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