Huhtamaki, Inc. Expands Partnership with Transplace, Outsources Transportation Operations for Food Service and Retail Busin

Huhtamaki, Inc., a provider of consumer and specialty packaging, today announced that it has selected third party logistics (3PL) provider Transplace to manage domestics shipments for its Food Service and Retail business units. Transplace, which has managed the logistics responsibilities of Huhtamaki’s Consumer Goods division since 2010, will now leverage the company’s entire network to increase supply chain visibility, reduce transportation costs and increase overall efficiencies for the company.

“From the very beginning, Transplace was able to come in and help us improve our transportation operations, increasing service levels and on-time deliveries for our Consumer Goods business,” said Scott Stuckenschneider, vice president of supply chain, Huhtamaki. “Building off of our previous success, we will leverage Transplace’s industry expertise and logistics technology to improve the supply chain performance of our Food Service and Retail businesses.”
Based in De Soto, Kan., Huhtamaki is a leading producer of molded fiber products and converted paper and plastic products. Through its nine manufacturing plants, Huhtamaki serves the retail market by manufacturing premium disposable tableware under the Chinet® brand, including plates, bowls, cups, napkins and table covers manufactures disposable plates, cups and other disposable tableware. Its foodservice product solutions meet every customer’s need, from basic to elegant, our tableware, cups, containers, carriers and trays. Transplace Engineering worked closely with Huhtamaki to conduct a detailed analysis of the company’s supply chain in order to optimize and strategically align its transportation and distribution network with planned growth and customer service strategies, while minimizing cost. Analyzing Huhtamaki’s network across all three business units allowed Transplace to identify opportunities to consolidate the distribution centers (DC) into one optimized, shared network.
“Our strong, established relationship with Huhtamaki, coupled with our experience in the packaging and manufacturing industry, allows Transplace to continuously identify opportunities for Huhtamaki to improve its processes and supply chain operations,” said Vincent Chiodo, senior vice president for Transplace. “By working with all three of Huhtamaki’s business units, we will be able to increase visibility across the company’s entire network and take advantage of shipment consolidation activities and other cost savings opportunities. As our partnership continues to evolve, we will identify new opportunities within Huhtamaki’s transportation management operations and develop strategic solutions to achieve cost savings, improve overall efficiencies and drive the bottom line.”
About Huhtamaki
Huhtamaki is a global consumer and specialty packaging company with a superior position in smooth and rough molded fiber products, release films, flexible packaging, foodservice paper cups and other products based on paper forming technology. In these operations they have strong know how, technology platforms and business concepts that allow continued competitive advantage. As a truly global player, Huhtamaki offers its multinational customers unparalleled opportunities to improve both their efficiencies and standards by adopting similar packaging across markets. Their primary customer markets include foodservice operators, fast food restaurants, ice-cream and other consumer goods markets, fresh food packers as well as retailers. For additional information, visit
About Transplace
Transplace is a non-asset based third party logistics (3PL) provider offering manufacturers and retailers the optimal blend of logistics technology and transportation management services. From complete logistics management outsourcing to intelligent transportation management systems (TMS) and supply chain network planning and design to high-quality brokerage services, Transplace has proven the ability to deliver both rapid return on investment and consistent value to customers. The company is recognized among the elite 3PLs in North America by a customer base that includes many of the largest shippers in the world.
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