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Transportation TIP List: Week of September 16th, 2018

Posted - September 19, 2018

This upcoming Saturday marks the official start to autumn, and we’re anticipating the weather cooling down and the leaves changing color. In honor of the new season, our weekly TIP List falls into the developments happening in the transportation industry for the rest of 2018 and beyond – including the impact of advanced technologies on the supply chain and a prediction for a strong 2019 trucking market.

  • AI Making an Impact in Enterprise Supply Chains: AI is reaching into the complex world of supply chain and logistics, helping to automate and streamline various functions, improve shipping times and order fulfillment, reduce costs and bolster profits.
  • “Bullish” U.S. Truck Market to Last Well into 2019: Trucking employment, according to U.S. data, hit an all-time high in August. Class 8 truck orders set new records this summer. But to shippers, capacity is still tight, and trucking rates are still much higher than a year ago.
  • Walmart Doubles Spending in Battle for Truckers: Walmart Inc., pinched by the worsening shortage of truckers, plans to double its spending on attracting and retaining drivers by year-end. The retailer is offering referral bonuses of up to $1,500 and is shortening the onboarding process for new hires by more than a month.
  • On Becoming a “Shipper of Choice”: The strained supply chain industry is top of mind for most retailers and manufacturers as they face capacity issues. Instead of forfeiting customer opportunities or sacrificing service options, Manhattan Associates, Inc. says that supply chain managers need to take a strategic approach and adapt to become “a shipper of choice.”
  • Cass Freight Index Highlights Strong August Shipments and Expenditures Output: August freight shipments, at 1.227, rose 6% annually and were off 1.4% compared to July. August freight expenditures, at 2.917, increased 16.7% annually and were up 0.6% compared to July.

As we move into fall, what industry trends are you keeping tabs on?