Transportation TIP List: Week of September 25th, 2016

Posted - September 28, 2016

The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down and fall is officially upon us. And while we’re excited about all of the festive changes that the new season brings, we’re even more thrilled about some of the positive developments that are happening in the transportation industry. This week’s TIP List includes new logistics innovations, changing FMCSA regulations and increasing retail sales. Dive in to all of the details below!

  • The Feds Just Got Real about Self-Driving Cars: The idea of autonomous cars used to be farfetched, but that has begun to change. Within the past year, the government has defined what it means to be a driver, put new guidelines in place and implemented more industry regulations.
  • New Food Safety Regulation Impact Truckers: A new checklist of rules implemented by the FDA aims to help manufacturers make their products safer while on the road. The rules fall most heavily on food manufacturers, but they also impact truckers.
  • Texas Legislators to Consider Higher Truck Weights: A heavyweight fight is brewing over proposals to allow trucks to carry heavier loads over the state’s highways. On one side are producers of plastic and forest products, and on the other are communities near ports, railroads, and independent drivers.

What are some of the positive industry trends you’re keeping tabs on this week?