Transportation TIP List: Week of October 29th, 2017

Posted - November 1, 2017

Since we’re transitioning from sculpting pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns to baking pumpkin pies in preparation for Thanksgiving, now is a great time to also shift our attention towards some end-of-year transportation trends. This week, our TIP List focuses on trucking companies’ troubles recruiting drivers for the holidays and the full implementation of the ELD mandate in December. Carve out some time and catch up on all of the industry news below!

  • Trucking Firms Facing Recruitment Problems Ahead of Holidays: Shipping demands have strengthened after a rough two-year slump as manufacturing activity expands and retailers stock up in advance of the holiday season. Meanwhile, fleets are reporting trouble recruiting qualified drivers to haul loads.
  • ATA Takes Aim at Driver Shortage: Trucking and government leaders at the ATA’s annual Management Conference & Exhibition set their sights on solving what is perhaps the industry’s most persistent challenge — recruiting and retaining professional drivers.
  • Latest Use for a Bitcoin Technology – Tracing Turkeys from Farm to Table: Agricultural conglomerate Cargill Inc. aims to harness the technology underlying Bitcoin – blockchain – to let shoppers trace their turkeys from the store to the farm that raised them. The cloud-based data can be shared across a network of computers, and securely added to by various participants.

What industry trends are you following as the end of the year approaches?

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