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Transportation TIP List: Week of October 25th, 2015

Posted - October 28, 2015

Transportation TIP List: Week of October 25th, 2015

Happy Halloween! Even though the houses are haunted, the ghosts are out and the ghouls are appearing, we’re certainly not afraid to bring you the latest and greatest supply chain trends. This week’s TIP List covers rising supply chain costs for CPG companies, high-tech hospitals and the potential buzzing of drones along our nation’s railways. How is your supply chain holding up against the things that go bump in the night? Read on to find out!

  • Rising Supply Chain Costs a Key Concern for CPG Executives: Greater supply chain complexity is taking a toll on many consumer packaged goods companies. Strategic and operational obstacles are affecting company performance in terms of service, costs and inventories – and transportation is also a top concern.
  • Hospitals Take High-Tech Approach to Supply Chain: Hospitals, facing growing pressure from insurers to cut costs, are taking an axe to their supply chains. New forms of payment triggered by the Affordable Care Act have threatened to reduce revenue for hospitals, prompting providers to add services and constrain costs.
  • Trucking Poll Shows Public Backs Tax Hike to Fix Roads: A new national poll finds strong public support for federal investment in highway infrastructure. “This poll tells us the American people now believe what we’ve been saying for some time: Our roads and bridges are in need of repair and we need to raise revenue to do it,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves.
  • Truckers Again Becoming More Competitive With Rail: Fuel prices are low enough that truckers are again becoming more competitive with rail. As fuel prices skyrocketed and trucking companies faced driver and capacity crunches, railroads became a logical, cheaper choice. But diesel prices have fallen by about 30%, making trucking prices more competitive again.
  • Could Automotive Supply Chain Snap?: A combination of rebounding sales and an unprecedented number of new models in the works has stretched the auto parts supply chain so taut that the entire industry is holding its collective breath that it does not snap.
  • How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for Capacity Challenges: Truck capacity constraints are having a significant impact on shippers’ transportation and logistics programs. George Abernathy, president and chief commercial officer of Transplace, offers advice about what they can do to address the challenge on a long-term basis.
  • Cold Chain Logistics, Services Transforming: It’s amazing how quickly the cold chain industry is changing, and the role of cold storage operators continues to morph into that of a 3PL. Some customers aren’t aware of the expanding suite of services their cold storage providers offer, even though it’s evolving customer demands that prompted this very transformation.
  • Drones Taking to the Railways: The next sound heard buzzing along the railroad tracks may not be a train, but a drone instead. Railroads are exploring the use of drones to cost-effectively monitor hundreds of miles of track, aid in maintenance work and enhance security.

What topics are you conjuring up for your TIP List this week?