Transportation TIP List: Week of October 22nd, 2017

Posted - October 25, 2017

Robots and artificial intelligence continue to emerge as everyday tools that are impacting people’s lives. And with these technologies on the rise, it may feel like they’re taking over the world. But they haven’t – they’ve only taken over this week’s TIP List! From the benefits of AI for supply chain managers to the impact of blockchain on the transportation industry – stay on the cutting edge of innovation with all of the latest trends below.

  • How Supply Chain Managers Can Use AI to Their Advantage: According to a study by Gartner, supply chain organizations expect the level of machine automation in their processes to double in the next five years. Today’s computing capacity and big data sets empower supply chain leaders to make smarter decisions – so, what does the future hold?
  • 5 Ways Blockchain Revolution Supports Supply Chain Evolution: Supply chains no longer just consist of networks of suppliers and manufacturers. Today, they are comprised of a wide ecosystem, with multiple parties and links involved in creating and distributing goods, from raw materials to finished products, all interconnected.
  • What CPG Companies Can Learn from Amazon: Traditionally, CPG has lagged behind other industries when it comes to jumping on the e-commerce train. However, due to advancements in supply chain management, mobile technology and personalization, selling CPG direct-to-consumer has now become a reality.
  • Rail Freight is Losing Market Share: How Can It Improve?: The 2017 State of Logistics report shows that in the U.S., faster and more reliable modes have grown year-over-year – and are forecasted to continue to grow for the next five years. Slower or less reliable modes have had, and are forecast to continue to have, low or negative growth.

Are robots and AI impacting your operations?

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