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Transportation TIP List: Week of October 1st, 2017

Posted - October 4, 2017

From big data and blockchain to autonomous driving, technology is helping enable today’s supply chain to be more dynamic. This week, our TIP List features a compilation of the transportation industry’s high-tech trends – including projections of new supply chain innovations and a study on the value of 3PL technologies. Warning: the articles below might be bringing some digital disruption!

  • Which Supply Chain Innovations Are Ready for the Mainstream?: Recently, the supply chain has been saturated by an abundance of new technologies and associated strategies, leaving practitioners with the task of sorting out which ones are right for them. Gartner highlights nine technologies that it says will achieve mainstream adoption levels in five years or less.
  • ELDs Top Stack of Challenges for FMCSA Nominee: A host of issues critical to shippers, brokers, and truckers, including the rollout of the ELD mandate and how truck safety rules will be enforced, await Robert P. Martinez, President Trump’s nominee to head the FMCSA.
  • Why Should Women Work in Logistics?: Numerous scientific studies have shown that gender diversity in the workforce not only fosters collaboration, understanding, and tolerance, but also boosts competitiveness, productivity, and corporate social responsibility.

How is digital transformation impacting your supply chains operations?

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