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Transportation TIP List: Week of October 16th, 2016

Posted - October 19, 2016

It’s a busy time of year. All four major sports leagues are in play and the retail and transportation industries are gearing up for the upcoming holiday season. Luckily, this week’s TIP List has a score of stories on what trends to scout including an increase of diesel prices, how automation is impacting the supply chain and the Department of Transportation’s allocation of funds to make U.S. cities smarter – see the full line-up of these stories below!

  • How Automation is Changing the Supply Chain: The supply chain marketplace is greatly benefiting from its embrace of technology—however, although automated to a degree, the industry still faces the challenges brought about by a large amount of people having to perform slow, manual tasks and manage a complex web of interdependent parts.
  • Retail’s Ups and Downs: the National Retail Federation predicted that holiday sales would climb 3.6 percent this year to $655.8 billion and that online sales alone would climb 7–10 percent this year.

What industry trends are you scouting?