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Transportation TIP List: Week of November 6th, 2016

Posted - November 9, 2016

We appreciate all that our servicemen and women do for our country each and every day, but we are especially grateful this Friday as we observe Veterans Day. And this week, our TIP List looks at some of the ways that the transportation industry can join forces to help combat some of its biggest concerns. Below, you’ll find a full formation of these stories, such as cargo theft, the ELD mandate and consolidation in the shipping industry. Forward march!

  • Top 5 Packaging Treats Of October: This month’s must-read packaging stories included the influence of Amazon, Mars Drinks’ redesign, Walmart’s new sustainable packaging initiative and more – check out the top 5 here.
  • Supply Chain Strategies For A Post-Global World: Globalization is on the ropes, and we may have already seen its high water mark. Global trade volumes are down, and international trade with the U.S. has fallen during a period of GDP growth for the first time since World War II.
  • Preventing Cargo, Truck Theft is A Multi-Layered Attack: The International Cargo Security Council estimates that more than $10 billion in merchandise is stolen or damaged each year. And that cost soars to upwards of $60 billion with productivity losses and higher insurance premiums.

Are you doing anything special for Veterans Day this week?