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Transportation TIP List: Week of November 1st, 2015

Posted - November 4, 2015

Transportation TIP List: Week of November 1st, 2015

Despite the clock “falling back” this weekend, our latest TIP List is ready to spring ahead with this week’s top trends in the transportation industry. And at the forefront are a number of timely and intriguing topics, including a new highway bill, container weight rules and the continuation of the problematic driver shortage. While the clock is ticking on many of these issues, that extra hour of sleep has us wide awake and ready to dive into this week’s TIP List! Check it out below.

  • Free Shipping Trumps Fast Shipping During the Holidays: When it comes to winning online shoppers’ business this holiday season, free shipping is far more important than fast shipping. According to a just-released report, 87% of shoppers say free shipping is more important than fast shipping, and many (60%) expect retailers to offer free on-time shipping as late as Dec. 17.
  • Chipping Away at the Driver Shortage, One Bite at a Time: Using traditional trailer placards to advertise for qualified truck drivers is no longer enough. Trucking companies have resorted to renting highway billboard space to attract prospective drivers – and as one wag put it, “The next step is for the carriers to get down on their knees and beg.”
  • Senate Approves Three-week Highway Bill: Last Wednesday, the Senate approved a measure to extend federal transportation funding for three weeks, sending the bill to President Obama. The bill would extend federal transportation spending until Nov. 20 and prevent a shutdown in funding when the current authority expires.
  • Black Swans and the Risks in Supply Chains: When safeguarding their supply chains against disruptions, companies commonly assign the highest priority to events that happen relatively often and hit hard. But those disruptions with the highest likelihood and the greatest potential impact are not the worst perils that companies face.
  • What Shippers Need to Know About New Container Weight Rules: Too few shippers are ready to meet new global regulations requiring the weighing of containers before they are allowed to be loaded onto a ship. Here’s what shippers need to know about the risks of not complying with the rules set to take effect July 1.
  • How to Move Forward with Reverse Logistics:Reverse logistics is the invariable result of unintended consequences and can represent a significant supply chain cost. And there tends to be disorganization around managing reverse logistics that is more challenging than conventional “forward” logistics management.

Did we miss anything that’s on your TIP List this week? Let us know in the comments!