Transportation TIP List: Week of March 26th, 2017

Posted - March 29, 2017

With the potential for plenty of pranks and practical jokes during the upcoming April Fool’s Day, we’ve decided to present this week’s TIP List without any tricks. Featuring stories on recent health care legislation, food delivery technology and more of the latest trends impacting the supply chain industry, this list is no joke. Take a look at all of the articles below!

  • Robots Are About to Start Delivering Food in California: The on-demand restaurant delivery service DoorDash will begin using robots to deliver food, following an extensive trial period. The deliveries will transport food from restaurants to customers within a one and two mile radius.
  • Three Steps to Creating a Low-Risk Supply Chain: Supply chain risk management has become a hot topic in recent years. The decision to more closely manage the supply chain requires the right tools and careful analysis to understand the risks and prepare for disruptions.
  • Supply Chain Resiliency in the Wake of Industry Disruption: Many executives face the decision of whether to defend their supply chain, or begin to invest in digital capabilities promising better integration and resilience. And the arguments in favor of creating smart supply chains are powerful.

What are you doing to mitigate risk within your supply chain?