Transportation TIP List: Week of March 19th, 2017

Posted - March 22, 2017

As the spring season begins, shippers are adjusting to the seasonality of produce and retailers are incorporating warmer-weather wares into their stores. And this week’s TIP List is also in “full bloom” with stories about transformational industry trends like the launch of UberFreight and the impact of wind power on shipping. Spring into all of the stories below!

  • Uber: The Newest Entry on Your Carrier Scorecard: Uber officially launched UberFreight right after Christmas last year, but there still isn’t much information on the homepage other than its creative tagline: “We’re in for the long haul.”
  • The Next Innovation in Shipping: Wind Power: More than a century after shifting away from wind power, the shipping industry is looking at ways to harness ocean breezes once again—this time to reduce reliance on fossil fuel.

As you see new industry technologies emerge, which would you consider adopting in your organization?